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Handbook for Energy Independence

A 48 Volt DC, 4.5 KiloWatt Solar Power System
Design Data Worksheet
Systems Loads Worksheet
Concept Phase
Design Phase
Purchasing Phase
Installation Phase
Final Remarks


This handbook illustrates how to build a small scale photovoltaic (PV) system for independent power generation.  By answering some basic questions, performing a few energy calculations, and selecting the right size equipment you can be well on your way to energy independence. 

The process will be broken down into a series of steps to help the builder focus on the most important elements for the overall design and installation.  Albert Einstein once said that people learn best by example and through observation of others.  The handbook is written in this method, with a a true-life demonstration to illustrate the way. 

Building a photovoltaic energy system will involve these 4 phases:

I)    Concept – Define how your system will be used and how big it should be
II)   Design – Perform some energy calculations to size the major components
III)  Purchasing – Combine the design with the equipment available in the market place
IV)  Installation – Bring it all together and start making electricity

Few things in life compare with the peace of mind and security one finds in making their own energy.   In a world filled with uncertainties, understanding the principals of energy production is an excellent survival skill to pass along for future generations.


MicroGrid Living

- MicroGrid Power Systems
- Benefits of the MicroGrid
- Running on DC Electricity
- Things to Think About
- Sizing Your Microgrid Power System
- Energy Conservation Strategies
- Hybrid Power Systems

MicroGrid Solar Power

- Solar Power Applications
- Photovoltaic Solar Panels
- Increasing Solar Panel Performance
- Mounting PV Solar Panels
- Solar Power Tracking Systems
- One Axis Solar Panel Tracking (Passive)
- Solar Power Cost & Payback
- Sizing your Solar Power System

MicroGrid Power Devices

- Wind Turbines
- Wood Burner Systems
- Thermal Power Systems
- DC Thermal Generators
- Hydro Turbines

MicroGrid History

- Nikola Tesla Source of Human Energy
- Nikola Tesla Energy from the Medium
- James Watt & the Steam Engine
- Marcellus Jacob Wind Turbine

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