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Things to Think About when Living Off Grid

Living off the grid requires a mentality much different than the popular mainstream. Your power source is not as infinite as with the electrical grid, and so a little streamlining and conservation will be necessary.

Some of the most important things to consider when planning a life with off grid energy are:

1) Learn to do more with less. Some very simple activities such as air drying clothes can save a lot of energy.

2) Kick the habit of being so dependant on electricity. Study some of the ways from the olden days.

3) Shy away from appliances that are energy hogs. Clothes dryers and televisions are good candidates. Prime examples of energy efficient devices are LED's, horizontal chest refrigerators, and front load washing machines.

4) Learn to keep track of energy use. Make sure your energy use is in line with your storage capacity and how much energy you can produce.

5) Get rid of any bad habits such as leaving the lights on (most important)
Stay away from electronics that create a steady draw on the system. Put them on a power strip that can easily be turned off at night or when you’re done.

These are just some of the tricks to living off the grid. It may seem difficult at first, but you may adapt easier than you think. If our ancestors could survive 150 years ago without electricity, then so can we!

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