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The Benefits of MicroGrid Energy

There are many reasons to invest in MicroGrid power systems, depending on who you are and where you live. Here are just a few to get you started:

1) Energy Independence - Some people like the idea of making their own energy and not having to depend on the utilities for their daily needs. It's a freedom thing.

2) MicroGrid power systems can consume resources that are cheap and readily available. Folks in the desert have lots of sun, where as the people of the northern woodlands have more wood than they can handle. MicroGrid power systems are good for taking advantage of local resources in abundance.

3) MicroGrid power systems can be more stable than the electrical grid. Just one storm can knock power out in 10,000 homes through an outage on the transmission system. But it'd have a hard time knocking out 10,000 homes of communities that self generate their energy.

4) People learn to be more efficient and resourceful with how they use energy, and learn real world knowledge about energy production.

5) MicroGrid power systems are a good backup plan and survival skill if ever there is a worst case scenario

MicroGrid Living

- MicroGrid Power Systems
- Benefits of the MicroGrid
- Running on DC Electricity
- Things to Think About
- Sizing Your Microgrid Power System
- Energy Conservation Strategies
- Hybrid Power Systems

MicroGrid Solar Power

- Solar Power Applications
- Photovoltaic Solar Panels
- Increasing Solar Panel Performance
- Mounting PV Solar Panels
- Solar Power Tracking Systems
- One Axis Solar Panel Tracking (Passive)
- Solar Power Cost & Payback
- Sizing your Solar Power System

MicroGrid Power Devices

- Wind Turbines
- Wood Burner Systems
- Thermal Power Systems
- DC Thermal Generators
- Hydro Turbines

MicroGrid History

- Nikola Tesla Source of Human Energy
- Nikola Tesla Energy from the Medium
- James Watt & the Steam Engine
- Marcellus Jacob Wind Turbine

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