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MicroGrid Power Systems

Microgrid power means local production of heat and electricity for homesteads, small businesses, or even small communities. Microgrid power can include any combination of renewable, combustion, or alternative energy technologies depending on the location, situation, and the user's needs.

The nice thing about the Microgrid is that it can take advantage of local resources in abundance, help promote local economies, and add another dimension of reliability and reserve capacity when unusual circumstances arise. Examples of Microgrid power systems include wood burning furnaces, solar power, solar thermal storage, wind power, hydro power, biomass fuels, and combustion engine generator packages. They are usually integrated in such a way as to greatly reduce or eliminate the need for the electrical grid, gasoline, diesel, propane, and other sources of energy. They are useful either in a primary role or as backup capacity, and can be very handy when the main electrical transmission system goes down.

The benefits to developing the Microgrid are many and are discussed further in our article on Benefits of Microgrid Energy. For those serious about living off the grid, we offer a quick primer on the simple life in our article on how to Run on DC Electricity and Things to Think About when choosing Microgrid Energy.

MicroGrid Living

- MicroGrid Power Systems
- Benefits of the MicroGrid
- Running on DC Electricity
- Things to Think About
- Sizing Your Microgrid Power System
- Energy Conservation Strategies
- Hybrid Power Systems

MicroGrid Solar Power

- Solar Power Applications
- Photovoltaic Solar Panels
- Increasing Solar Panel Performance
- Mounting PV Solar Panels
- Solar Power Tracking Systems
- One Axis Solar Panel Tracking (Passive)
- Solar Power Cost & Payback
- Sizing your Solar Power System

MicroGrid Power Devices

- Wind Turbines
- Wood Burner Systems
- Thermal Power Systems
- DC Thermal Generators
- Hydro Turbines

MicroGrid History

- Nikola Tesla Source of Human Energy
- Nikola Tesla Energy from the Medium
- James Watt & the Steam Engine
- Marcellus Jacob Wind Turbine

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