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Living Off Grid with DC Electricity

Running a small business or homestead on DC electricity will take a different frame of mind than what most folks are used to. It will isolate the user from the surplus of 120 volt AC powered devices in the market place, so a good battle plan to cover the essentials will be needed. The big benefit to running on DC, however, is that most MicroGrid power devices (solar panels, wind turbines, thermal generators, and hydro turbines) inherently make this type of electricity.

Since most MicroGrid power devices are DC by design, then by storing and using the energy directly the need for an AC power inverter can be eliminated. In the size that it takes to run an homestead or small business, AC power inverters can be costly. The other disadvantage is that they have a limited service life and will need to be refurbished or replaced over time. By eliminating this device, one can save quite a bit of money while improving the overall reliability of a MicroGrid power system.

The trick to running on DC will be finding replacements for all the standard home devices. DC pumps, fans, and LED lighting are no brainers, they are easily found in the market place. When it comes to running a freezer, stove, or power tools however, their DC counterparts can be much more difficult to locate. If you cannot find what you are looking for in a DC configuration, then a little ingenuity and retrofitting of the equipment with DC motors may be in order. The other option is running smaller dedicated circuits on a more affordable power inverter.

Needless to say there are advantages to simplicity. If it can be accomplished, then a MicroGrid system design that is purely DC will likely be more reliable in the long run. It is worth checking into!

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