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MicroGrid Workshop Power Specifications (PV3)

48 Volt DC series array
Absorbed Glass Mat Explosion Proof (No off-gas)
~20 Kilowatt-Hrs storage capacity
Deep cycle and high surge current capability

Photovoltaic Array
4 solar panels, 135 watt rating each
~70 Volts DC @ maximum power, ~90 Volts DC maximum open circuit voltage
Rigid mount w/ one axis of adjustment (seasonal)
500+ watts total system input during peak operation
100+ kilowatt-hrs per month during typical Summer

120 Volts AC standard / 240 Volts split phase capability
4,500 watts continous operation
8,000 watts surge capability
AC and DC breaker panels inclusive

System Capabilities
This system can run most typical power tools used with wood construction and basic automotive or machine service. Typical tools include air compressor, 12 inch power saw (15 amp), router, portable band saw, hand grinder, bench grinder, small MIG welder, drills, miscellaneous lighting, and additional. System runs one small refrigerator / deep freezer and provides power to small living quarters (lighting, computer). System can run most typical load combinations without any issues, however aggressive use of tooling and issues with simultaneous loading should be realized. An upgraded inverter, or additional inverter added in parallel would boost simultaneous load capabilities.

Location is 100% off the grid. Workshop utilizes DC LED lighting systems to help relieve load burden from power inverter, and to ensure lighting is available in the event of an inverter failure.

All MicroGrid power systems are modular designs so that additional capacity can be added in the future if needed.

48 volt DC microgrid workshop power system

MicroGrid Power runs Remote
Workshop in Northern Rockies

microgrid solar power workshop solar panel array