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Mounting Photovoltaic Solar Panels

Mounting the solar panels can be an afterthought when considering your first solar power installation. Even so, it is an important element of your design and should perform reliably through the seasons.

A common method for mounting solar panels is to attach them to the south facing roof of a home or building. This is a simple and inexpensive method, however there are a few disadvantages from this to consider. These disadvantages includes heat buildup, accessibility, and adjustability.

An alternative to consider which may better suit your needs is to mount the solar panels on a ground based structure. For those of us who’d like a simple upgrade to improve our solar power performance and operation, this can yield multiple benefits. The key beneifts include:

       1) When snow, dirt, or tree pollen build up on the solar panels, you can access and clean them more easily.

       2) Solar panels mounted near the ground with fresh air underneath will not build up as much heat. When installed on a warm insulated roof, power output can be reduced by up to 20% in Summer months due to thermal effects. Solar panels like to run on the cool end.

       3) A ground based mounting system can accomodate an adjustment mechanism or tracking system much more easily. This can be used to maximize the power output through the seasons. For more information read our article on one axis solar tracking mechanisms.

       4) In northern climates, the operating angle can be changed to vertical in Winter to prevent the buildup of snow.

microgrid solar power panel mounting

If you are serious about purchasing solar panels, then sooner or later the time will come to install them. Mounting them to the roof may be a good choice, but those who want improved electrical performance and better access to the solar panels should consider other options. A ground based mounting system with at least one axis of rotation is easy to install and without the extravagant cost.


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