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Adjustable One Axis (Passive) Solar Tracker

There are a few options out there to help maximize performance from a photovoltaic solar panel system. The best choice for your application will likely be driven by a combination of the up front costs, performance gains, and the ease of maintenance and installation. A breakdown of the different types of systems in the market place can be found in our article on solar power tracking systems.

The manual one axis system show here is one option that balances cost and performance gains. The aesthetics are good, and there is the added benefit of easy access for cleaning and maintenance due to the mounting location. The performance gains through seasonal adjustments are over 20% versus a fixed angle installation.

Each season will have a its own angle of operation for maximum solar power performance. This example is for a Latitude of 47 degrees (northern regions of the United States).

microgrid solar panel tracking
Winter season angle of operation (~30°)
*Pitched 15° or less to prevent accumulation of snow

microgrid solar panel tracking
Spring / Fall angle of operation (45° to 60°)

microgrid solar panel tracking
Summer angle of operation (75° to 90°)

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