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SunShax Industrial Grade Solar Power

48 Volt DC series configured battery array
Absorbed Glass Mat explosion proof design (no dangerous off-gas)
~75 Kilowatt-Hrs emergency reserve storage capacity
Deep cycle storage and high output surge current capability

Photovoltaic Array
18 solar panels @ 245 watt maximum power rating each
4,400+ watts of solid power during peak operation
Custom fabricated pole mount w/ two axes of adjustment
Optional motor drive daily sun track system

120 Volts AC standard / 240 Volts split phase capability true sine wave
8,000 watts continous operation, > 15,000 watts surge capability
Provides electricity to home and on site machine shop facility
AC and DC breaker panels inclusive

System Capabilities
The Sunshax power system is a robust, high quality unit tailored for high capacity continuous operation. Designed and assembled in Fort Collins Colorado by Inventor & CNC Machinist J.Harras, Sunshax is custom manufactured with pride in the United States. This particular unit powers a modern home and provides emergency backup electricity to a small on site machine shop facility. This system can power numerous loads simultaneously include a full size household oven, and most typical shop equipment. High surge current capacity can provide startup current for electrical motors up to 4 hp.

Inquiries and questions about the SunShax system send to jharras@grellls.com or sales@microgrid-industries.com

sunshax microgrid solar power

6 Modules @ 3 Solar Panels Each Delivers High Capacity
Two Axes of Adjustability w/ Optional Provisions for Auto Tracking

sunshax microgrid solar power


sunshax microgrid power system
SunShax 8 Kilowatt Power Center

sunsax microgrid solar power system
SunShax Battery Storage & Distribution

sunshax microgrid solar power building
Powerhouse Fully Enclosed & Insulated