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Thermal Power Systems

Thermal power systems never fail to be interesting and include a wide field of technologies spanning many hundreds of years. Some examples are:
-     Wood burning stoves
-     Pebble Bed Thermal Storage
-     Thermal (Thermionic) Power Generators
-     Active and Passive Thermal Solar Power

Thermal power generators are another space age technology that can be used in the frontiersman's home. When mounted to a wood burning stove, they will generate DC electricity. For those who have an existing solar, wind, or hydro micro-power installation, they are a good hybrid addition to generate extra Winter time energy.

Microgrid Power Thermal Generator

Thermal Generator using Metallic Thermopiles (from Japanese Patent 1905)

microgrid power thermal generator
24 Volt DC Thermal Generator

The generator is placed against the wood burning stove, absorbing heat and directly generating DC electricity. Water can be circulated through the air cooled fins for increased performance