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Thermal Power in the MicroGrid

Thermal power systems include solar hot water tank systems, wood burning stoves, solar collectors, and stirling engines. With a little imagination one can think of even more uses in the realm of MicroGrid energy systems, such as rock bed heat exchangers and DC thermal generator banks.

Rock bed (or pebbled bed) heat exchangers can be designed into your floors, walls, workshops, or other places around the home. They are used for household heating, greenhouses, saunas, and as air driers for clothes.

DC thermal generators are used to make electricity and feed nicely into a hybrid MicroGrid power bank. Folks who live off the grid in northern climates with wood furnaces may benefit nicely from thermal generator systems.

The typical operating temperatures for a thermal power system will range from 120°F to 180°F which are most useful. We are improving technologies to boost these temperatures from 200°F to 350°F to allow for additional uses on the ranch or homestead, and to increase storage capability. A 300 °F systems opens the doors for boiling water (water distillation), small scale producton processes, and increasing the generating potential from a DC thermal generator bank.

With all the good uses for thermal power, anyone interested in energy independence is bound to need one! It is safe to say that thermal power systems are a necessary ingredient to a life off the grid.

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